Anti-Aging Results through Classic Cell Therapy

The anti-aging movement is always evolving. There is something new and exciting in development. Classic Cell Therapy is one of the latest treatments for the anti-aging process. This treatment is successful due to the embryonic and fetal cell ability to replicate quicker and more efficiently than adult cells. The entire process reverses aging on a cellular level, which directly impacts the noticeable signs of aging. Reversing the damage of these particular cells, and allowing healthier cells to replicate at a faster rate prevents and even reverses the physical characteristics of the aging process.

Each cell has thousands of energy factories called mitochondria. The actual number of mitochondria varies, but harder working organs have much more than the RBC’s which do not have any. As we age, we see a decline in the amount and the function of these factories. Each mitochondria contains their own DNA, which allows their ability to be replicated, increase the number per cell. However, due to the lack of protection of the membrane, these factories are more susceptible to radical damage.

Supplements for Additional Results

Classic Cell Therapy increases the mitochondria activity, and taking additional supplements will help develop and sustain the overall process. The first supplement is pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ). PQQ is very inexpensive, and the dosage is usually around ten to twenty milligrams daily. This supplement protects the mitochondrial DNA from damage and initiates repair and the reproduction of new living organisms.

ATP, produces the energy production Adenosine 5-monophosphate protein activated kinase (AMPK). ATP converts your food consumed into energy. The higher levels of your AMPK, the more energy you can produce. This cannot be directly supplemented because it is classified as an enzyme. The most effective method to increase the effectiveness of AMPK is through natural herbs. Life Extension is a great resource to order these specific herbs and supplements.

Classic Cell Therapy is a viable treatment for many of the ailments that present with age. This therapy has proven results in the anti-aging process. These results can improve with additional supplements, exercise, and actions. For more information on Classic Cell Therapy or these treatments contact us or join us at our clinic on Saturday, November 5th in Tijuana and Saturday, December 3rd in Nassau.