At what age should we stop doing what we love? It may seem like a silly question, but it is one that we all have to answer at some point. As the years go by and time catches up with us, oftentimes we are forced to give up our passions because of physical limitations due to aging. Our bodies won’t let us move as freely as we used to, our minds no longer as nimble as they once were. We are forced to become spectators rather than participants in life. Fatigue, soreness, and lack of desire can prevent us from playing with our kids and grandkids, from performing our best at work, and from living a well-rounded and productive life full of lasting relationships, intimate connections, and motivated self-worth. Traditional medicine tells us that the breaking down of the body is a natural part of life and that we can only treat the symptoms of age. Contrary to what most people believe, however, the physical and cosmetic effects of aging can be slowed, even stopped in their tracks.

Cell Therapy is a viable treatment for many of the ailments that present with age. It can restore hormone levels, increase immune resistance, and even help regain the vigor and luster of youth. At the International Clinic of Biological Regeneration, we are more than just a cell therapy provider. We are passionate about the services we provide. In addition to cell treatments, we offer education, guidance, and support to our clients by giving them the tools they need to live a happier, healthier life. Our goal is to reintroduce people to the youth that they once enjoyed and to make people realize that their biological age doesn’t have to be the same as the number of birthdays they’ve had. So, if you’re tired of treating symptoms, if you’re sick of feeling much older than you actually are, if you want to not only look younger but feel younger, too, then we want to help you.

The International Clinic of Biological Regeneration, originally founded by the late Dr. C. Tom Smith and his wife Judith A. Smith, is dedicated to spreading health and vitality through Classic Cell Therapy and nutrition. Classic Cell Therapy, a term coined by ICBR to differentiate it from Stem Cell Therapy, targets the immune and endocrine systems with embryonic cell solutions to improve immune response and restore hormones to their proper levels. Rather than treating the symptoms of aging as traditional medicine often does, we take a broader approach, treating the underlying conditions at the cellular level as part of a whole-body revitalization process. Not only can our methods drastically slow – or even reverse – the aging process without the need for invasive and risky cosmetic surgery or the drudgery of medication regimens, they also treat a variety of endocrine and immune disorders and conditions like chronic and adrenal fatigue, low libido, and metabolic syndrome. Our doctors and specialists create treatment plans with you to address your specific needs.

Here are some of the benefits of Classic Cell Therapy:

  • Increased energy
  • Improved immune system
  • Regained skin elasticity
  • Balanced hormones
  • Improved memory
  • Increased motivation
  • Reinvigorated metabolism

Building on the work that she and her husband began in 1981, and after his passing in 2008, Judith A. Smith continues to give quality care and advice to her clients. Using her expertise in the field of Clinical Nutrition, she guides the clinic’s approach, creating a comprehensive program that fosters health in both mind and body, and promoting wellness at the biochemical and cellular levels through the targeted treatment of the endocrine and immune systems in conjunction with a customized nutrition plan. Dr. William “Doc” Johnson, the current Director of Medical Services, has also been with the clinic since the beginning. Under the mentorship of Dr. C. Tom Smith, Dr. Johnson learned early on about the benefits of cellular regeneration and nutritional supplementation. He has helped many patients feel healthier and younger and continues to be a life-long advocate and living endorsement of the implementation of Classic Cell Therapy in the anti-aging field.

So, I ask you again: at what age should we stop doing what we love? At ICBR, we believe that you shouldn’t have to give up your passions because of your age. If you want to feel and look younger, or fear missing out on life’s moments because of fatigue or pain, then you should consider learning more about cell therapy and our other services. When you’ve grown tired of hearing that aging is inevitable, know that you are not alone. With cell therapy and personalized support, you can feel younger, be more active, and live longer. Learn more about how ICBR has been rolling back time since 1981 by browsing the rest of our site.