Mental Cues and Feeling Renewed: Start Spring the Right Way

Spring is finally here, which means the world is coming to life again. As the air begins to warm and the ground thaws, birds will take up singing in the budding trees and flowers will start to bloom. The sound of children laughing and playing in the park is not far off. The world is slowly stirring from a long sleep, and it seems well rested and eager to reclaim the vitality that it once knew.

As things outside start moving again, you may feel the desire to get moving yourself, but as everyone has done at some point, you fall on tired excuses. You might tell yourself that the active part of your life is over, but that’s not true. If you’ve undergone Cell Therapy and are young at heart, then you know that life is just getting started. But that’s not me, you might say. I just feel my age. You might ask how you can feel younger when you’ve got pain in your joints or scars from old injuries. What if I told you that it’s possible to “think” yourself younger?

As helpful as it can be, I’m not just talking about “positive thinking” here, either. Studies have shown that our psychology largely determines, both consciously and subconsciously, how our bodies feel and how we feel about ourselves when we look in the mirror. When it comes to the power of the mind, age really is just a number. A good strategy to take, in addition to Cell Therapy treatments, is to find ways to remind yourself how you felt when you were younger, mental cues that take you back in time. Surrounding yourself regularly with the world of yesterday can help improve your attitude and health. Go online and find an outfit that reminds you of something you wore in your twenties (trust me, if it has ever existed, you can find it on the internet). Take out your record player and put on your favorite song from when you were a teenager. Restart a hobby—such as playing a musical instrument, writing, or building models—one that you gave up when work started to get too hectic. It’s never too late to do what you love. The objects and activities of our past can serve as mental cues, activating memories we thought we had forgotten. When you reintroduce yourself to the youthful part of your life, your brain and your body will literally feel younger.

It may be true that psychology shapes how we feel, but it is also true that how we feel shapes our psychology. Taking an active approach to your health can greatly impact how young you feel and look. One major aspect of a healthy lifestyle is getting good sleep regularly. Just as nature needs winter in order for spring to come, a good night’s sleep can do wonders in helping you regain your vitality. Being well rested can make you feel younger by diminishing joint and back pain, relieving headaches, and even increasing sex drive. There is no better way of reminding yourself what it feels like to be young than by remembering what falling in love is like. By applying these strategies to your daily routine, you are opening yourself up to a new beginning. Combined with Cell Therapy, actively shaping your psychological and physical health can wind back the clock on your age, allowing you to enjoy what should be the best years of your life.