ICBR Service Spotlight: Facial Peels

Your face is one of your most precious assets. It’s the first distinguishing feature people notice when they meet you; it’s what people remember about you. To say that it’s important to keep your face looking its best for as long as possible is an understatement. Thanks to cosmetic techniques like facial peels, minor signs of facial aging can be caught and slowed before they develop into major wrinkles and lines. Using a chemical solution prepared specifically for your skin type, doctors and trained professionals can perform a facial peel to allow a new layer of skin to replace the blemished, old layer, letting you regain that healthy, youthful glow you enjoyed during your formative years. To learn more about this simple, safe procedure, read on.

Why Undergo a Facial Peel?

As you’ve aged, you may have noticed that your facial skin is no longer as elastic, as even in tone, or as smooth as it once was. These developments are a natural part of aging, but you should know that they are treatable with a facial peel. Imagine the boost in confidence you would feel if you suddenly looked like you did ten years ago! It’s possible. People opt for a facial peel primarily because they want to improve the appearance and feel of their skin. With relatively few risks, facial peels are an excellent option to reduce the appearance of minor signs of aging.

Treatment and Results

The procedure is pretty simple. After a consultation, one of our trained specialists will apply a customized chemical solution to your face. Depending on how deep the peel is, you may receive local anesthesia, as well. After the procedure is complete, your face will be soothed using a healing balm. Once the outer layer of skin has fully peeled away, you will notice several improvements to your facial skin, including:

  • Diminished lines and fewer wrinkles
  • A more even skin tone
  • A brighter complexion
  • Smoother, blemish-free skin

Depending on how deep into the tissue your treatment goes, you may have to anticipate some recovery time. Light facial peels do not require rest, but medium and deep facial peels can require up to a week. Also depending on the intensity of the facial peel, you may be given some mild medication for pain and discomfort.


Before undergoing any corrective procedure, it is important to know the risks. Facial peels are generally safe, though complications can arise if you have preexisting conditions, so be sure to follow your caregiver’s instructions and give a full medical history before undergoing the procedure. Scarring, infection, swelling, and changes in skin tone may occur, though these are extremely rare. Redness and stinging usually subside after a few days, so set aside time for the healing process by making arrangements beforehand.

A facial peel is a simple, proven option for those who want to regain their youthfulness. Having clear, young-looking facial skin not only affects the kind of impression that you make on others; it also affects how you feel about yourself. Part of feeling younger is psychological, so if you can look in the mirror and see a beaming, fresh face looking back at you, the rest will follow. If you think you could benefit from a facial peel, consider contacting us at ICBR to learn more about the procedure. We will be glad to answer any questions or set up an appointment for you.