7 Health-Packed Foods that Help Slow the Aging Process

If you really are what you eat, then why not eat healthy? Especially in the interest of slowing the aging process. Much of the food consumed today is highly processed, containing preservatives and additives like food coloring and other chemical-based ingredients. By stepping back and looking before you take that bite, you may be able to prevent the damage that these additives cause to your body. By abstaining from such foods and indulging instead on antioxidant- and nutrient-rich sustenance, you can help your body and mind become healthier. In turn, you could help your body look and feel younger.

Here are 7 health-packed foods to enjoy that help slow aging:

Dark Chocolate

That’s right! This antioxidant-filled delectable is great for your skin. The flavonol present in cocoa beans helps guard against damaging UV radiation, one of the leading causes of skin irritation and aging. Eating dark chocolate also increases the circulation of blood to the skin, which reduces wrinkles and makes you look younger. Look for 70% to 90% cacao chocolate to get the most out of this snack, and remember not to overindulge.

Red Wine

In moderation, red wine is an excellent addition to your diet. One glass a day can lead to better heart health, which can help prevent disease later. The antioxidants present in red wine prevent blood clots from forming, lower bad cholesterol, and even reduce the risk of certain cancers. So, go ahead. Lift that glass to your health!


Aside from being a tasty addition to many dishes, garlic has several properties that make it a smart health choice. Not only can garlic give your immune system a boost to help you fight disease; it can help you lower your blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and maintain cell health.


This mild and refreshing superfood is both delicious and nutritious. The nutrients and antioxidants in avocados have been shown to reduce cholesterol, improve skin health, prevent heart attack, and reduce the risk for osteoporosis. No matter whether you slice them, mash them into guacamole, or add them to your favorite dish, avocados are a sure-fire way to keep your body young and healthy.


Juicy, robust, delicious—tomatoes are a staple that doesn’t pull any punches. The lycopene that tomatoes naturally contain is an important antioxidant for your health. It prevents cancers from forming by killing off the cells before they have a chance to multiply. Lycopene also fixes the damage done by free radicals and helps your immune system work to its full potential.


You know what they say—the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice. Well, what’s also sweet about these scrumptious, little treats are their natural health benefits. They contain the antioxidant Rutin, which helps prevent blood clots, heart attack, and stroke.


It should be no surprise that an herb that is used in medicine is good for you. Aside from giving excellent flavor to home-cooked meals, basil has been shown to clear up skin, increase mental alertness, and help with fluid retention. Furthermore, basil promotes blood circulation and calms stomach spasm, which can help increase appetite. Add it to sliced tomato and minced garlic and you’ve got a tasty and healthy snack!

Diet is very important when it comes to anti-aging. A healthy, nutritious diet will help slow the aging process. If you need some help getting back on track with your diet, the professionals at ICBR are here to help. Give us a call today and start your journey toward a happier, healthier, and younger you.