Want to Look and Feel More Vibrant in 2021? 4 Powerful Anti-Aging Tips for the New Year

Every day, our body and skin are fighting invisible stressors that age us. They can be external stressors, like pollution, or internal stressors, like physical or emotional stress. If we do not cope with these factors well, we can experience plenty of visible symptoms. To name a few, our skin may feel rough or look dull, we may find ourselves with chronic fatigue, and our daily lives can become littered with headaches or memory issues. Why not lend your body a helping hand and implement anti-aging tips that actually work?

#1: Consume Antioxidants

Antioxidants help fight off harmful substances that cause inflammation and damage your DNA. Be sure to eat your vitamins and minerals, many of which serve as antioxidants. When you shop, try to buy fruits and vegetables that are highly pigmented. Those rich colors can indicate abundant amounts of antioxidants, such as lycopene and anthocyanins.

Want to go a step further? Consider using antioxidant skincare that contains vitamin C and vitamin A. You will often find vitamin C in the form of a serum. Try sticking to ascorbic acid as it is the most potent form of this vitamin. Vitamin A tends to come in the form of a retinol cream.

#2: Invest in Chemical Peels

While the name sounds daunting, facial peels are highly effective in helping to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation that build up over the years. The chemical solution that we use can slough off dead skin cells and may help to repair the deeper layers of your skin.

You will usually need to undergo several chemical peels to see long-term benefits but the end results are worth it! Keep in mind that this treatment will not suit all skin types, particularly if you have very sensitive skin.

#3: Use Sunscreen

Applying enough sunscreen is one of the easiest anti-aging tips you can begin using today. Sun accounts for so much of our physical aging. It is the most common culprit for fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.

A common objection is that sunscreen is too greasy or heavy to apply. However, you can find many lightweight sunscreens on the market today, especially in the Korean beauty space. Find at least an SPF 30, though SPF 50 is ideal! Use it daily and remember to apply enough. Two fingers’ worth of sunscreen is enough for your face and neck — or half a teaspoon.

#4: Consider Cell Therapy

Cell therapy may help slow down the aging process by addressing breakdowns at a cellular level. Certain cell therapy treatments can target your skin, connective tissue, immune system, or endocrine system.

These treatments can help you maintain proper nutrient levels as it supplies you with cells, vitamins, minerals, and extracts for your body to use. You can use cell therapy as a preventative treatment or as a way to revive your low energy levels.

While many of these anti-aging tips are easily done at home, more advanced treatments like chemical peels and cell therapy will require an anti-aging specialist. At ICBR, our specialists can help you treat the underlying cause of your anti-aging symptoms. Schedule a free consultation today or call us at 1-800-826-5366.