Want to Feel Younger? Here Are 8 Things to Try This Summer

One of the things that I’ve learned during my time at ICBR is that no two people age at the same rate. Some people seem to be spry into their seventies while others start feeling aches and pains at thirty. Those who feel older than they should obviously want to feel younger so they can enjoy life more.

That’s what I hope to help with in this blog post.

Not all anti-aging has to be drastic, which is why I wanted to provide some quick and easy tips for feeling younger.

Eat Breakfast

This tip to feel younger is a really simple one, but it can give you the energy you need to get more done and feel better throughout the day. Not only does eating a healthy breakfast give you more energy, but it can also help you manage your weight. When prepping your breakfast, think whole grains, protein, and fiber.

Work on Flexibility and Strength

Part of the reason that people feel older is because they are out of shape. Their jobs and other responsibilities get in the way of fitness, so their strength and flexibility aren’t what they used to be. It’s important to start slow. Try yoga or pilates to work on core strength and flexibility.

Change Your Style

You know the phrase, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”? Well, I think we should all dress for the lives we want. When your wardrobe feels old and threadbare, that’s how you’re going to feel about yourself. Try getting rid of things you don’t like as you replace them with fresh clothes. A new outfit is sure to make you feel younger.

Reconnect with Nature

Stress is a major part of aging. One way to reduce stress is to get out in nature. Go for a walk in the park, or take a hike at a nearby state or national park to release some of that negative energy.

Get Better Sleep

I can’t say this enough: you need to get restful sleep every night. It’s about more than getting eight hours, too. Stop looking at your phone or laptop right before you go to bed. In fact, give yourself at least an hour of screen-free time before you want to fall asleep.

Keep Learning

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I disagree. In fact, learning something new—a new skill or even just some new facts about a hobby you have—can keep your mind young and in shape.

Get Social

We are social animals. We need to feel human connection in order to thrive. Think of the last time you saw your friends—did you have fun? It’s that kind of social activity that is going to keep you feeling young.

Work on Your Health

You know that appointment with the doctor you’ve been putting off? Now is the time to stop procrastinating. For many diseases and disorders, the sooner you catch them, the better your chances of treating and even reversing them.

Ask Us How We Can Help You Feel Younger

If you’re sick of feeling older than you should, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at ICBR. Check out our clinic dates here.