This concerns mounting research on the importance of tocotrienols, a part of the Vitamin E complex. I’ll try to keep this fairly simple, as it can be quite confusing.

Back in the 70’s (really dating myself!), Drs. Wilfred and Evan Shute made Vitamin E a popular supplement for heart and artery health. The discussion then was on a fraction of the Vitamin E complex known as d-alpha tocopherol. There is another part of Vitamin E called tocotrienols (think of “pherols” and “trienols”). Recent research on the tocotrienols has proven them to be more active as antioxidants, with much higher ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) values. To complicate it a bit more, there are four “trienols”, alpha, beta, delta and gamma. Most of the research is on “delta “ and “gamma.” It is of monumental importance. To the extent, that I’d like to encourage everyone to add this to your supplement program. You can google “tocotrienols” and get as in depth information as you want, but, in short, they are shown to be very important in reducing stroke-induced injuries, the prevention and treatment of liver, pancreatic, breast, prostate and skin cancer, cholesterol reduction, reversing osteoporosis and the regrowth of female hair loss. How’s that for a resume?

The dosage is variable, depending on maintenance or therapeutic amount, but approximately 200-400 mg of the tocotrienol complex is recommended. D-alpha tocopherol interferes with absorption, so tocotrienol should be taken separately from your multiple containing Vitamin E, which is a concentration of tocopherol. You’ll notice when you look at formulas, that some d-alpha tocopherol is present . This seems counterproductive, but that is because the extract comes from rice and palm oil and d-alpha is present in small amounts in these sources.

To make this useable information, I’ve listed several companies that carry tocotrienol :

Allergy Research Group Toco SupraBio 200 mg (800) 545-9960
If you mention Dr. Johnson’s account number: 02JOH347 (that’s “zero” at the beginning and the letter “O” in the middle ) you’ll receive the doctor’s price. As always, we’d rather pass the savings on to you than get an override on your order.

Life Extension Super Absorbable Toco 263 mg. (800) 544-4440 or carries tocotrientols from several different companies

By the way, Regeneraid has had tocotrientols in it since my husband formulated it many years ago. It you’ll allow me to brag a bit, I’m continually amazed at how ahead of the curve he always was. It was originally listed separately as a trademarked ingredient called “Toco.” Due to FDA labeling requirements, it’s now listed in “other ingredients” as stabilized rice bran. But, as in all multiple vitamins, it’s not possible to have enough to be therapeuatic,.

Please add tocotrienols to your supplement program. It’s really that important. You’ll be reading a lot more about it in the weeks and months to come. It’s the “next big thing.” If you’d like more information, Wikipedia has a nice article with a good bibliography.

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