These 7 Anti-Aging Foods Contain This Cognition-Boosting Nutrient

As an anti-aging expert, I’m often asked about different ways to slow down the aging process. It’s a complicated question because there are so many different factors that go into how a person ages. One thing that you can count on: anti-aging foods that give the body what it needs to function and repair damage. My education is in clinical nutrition, so I understand the role that the foods we eat play in the aging process—and let me tell you, it’s a big one!

For many people who want to extend their lifespan and feel younger, boosting cognitive function is a high priority. Maintaining the brain’s ability to work through problems can do wonders for staying healthy and young. Because they contain healthy amounts of the nutrient lutein, these seven anti-aging foods can help with that.


Our first brain-boosting, anti-aging food might come as a surprise. It seems that every year a new study comes out that changes whether eggs are healthy. But as with everything in life, moderation is the key. Eggs contain not only lutein, which helps to keep neurological responses quick and lively, but also plenty of protein to keep the muscles healthy.


Avocados pack a punch when it comes to nutritional value. In addition to lutein, avocados have more potassium—an essential nutrient for regulating muscle contractions and fluid balance in the body—than bananas. They’re also high in fiber. So go ahead and add avocado to your next smoothie!


Popeye was right. Spinach helps keep your body strong! It contains plenty of fiber, vitamin D, protein, and iron. What he might not have known, though, is that spinach also keeps your mind razor sharp.


You may have heard that carrots are good for your eyes, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise (considering the close proximity) that they’re good for your brain, too.

Sweet Potatoes

Like carrots, sweet potatoes are high in lutein and beta-carotene, but they also contain plenty of potassium, fiber, manganese, and vitamin C. They are as good for you as they are delicious!

Sweet Corn

We’re getting a lot of sweet anti-aging foods here! Sweet corn contains the lutein you need to keep your wits about you as well as several other essential nutrients—potassium, b-vitamins, and fiber.

Brussels Sprouts

These little mini-cabbage-looking vegetables are great for keeping your brain healthy and young. In addition to lutein, brussels sprouts have most of the vitamins that your body needs.

Need something more than anti-aging foods to stay young?

At ICBR, we take the whole body into consideration when we offer our clients treatment. While nutrition is an essential part of maintaining your body’s health, finding a diet that is nutritious is only one component of the anti-aging process. Want to learn more about how we can help you achieve your health goals? Read more about us here, and check out our upcoming clinic dates.