What Science Says about Cell Health and Aging

Anti-aging science is always evolving. One thing, however, hasn’t changed since we founded ICBR back in 1981—cell health is at the center of feeling and looking young. Most recently, this idea has been backed up after the discovery of the impact that a certain type of cell, what is known as a senescent cell, has on aging and health in older people.

Aging Begins at the Cellular Level

So what is cell senescence, and how is it linked to aging? Essentially, a senescent cell is a cell that no longer reproduces but does not die. When this happens, the cell begins producing proteins at exponential rates. Ordinarily, these proteins trigger an immune response, which clears the body of these cells. But in damaged or aging tissue, many of these cells can remain, causing damage to nearby cells and diseases such as osteoarthritis and chronic inflammation. For some reason, the immune system stops responding and cell health declines.

Every cell in the body, excluding reproductive cells, has the potential to become senescent. It is therefore crucial that people who want to avoid premature and advanced aging take preventive measures.

Classic Cell Therapy and Health

Classic Cell Therapy spurs new cell growth, leading to healthy organs and tissues throughout the aging process. What this means is that senescent cells have a lower chance of forming and staying in the bodies of those who undergo Classic Cell Therapy regularly. Because our process also helps to boost the immune system, senescent cells can be eliminated more efficiently. We use organ-specific, adult embryonic cells in our process, and their rate of growth is higher than in aging cells, in some cases as much as 150% higher.

However, just because a person takes part in Classic Cell Therapy doesn’t mean that they don’t have to take care of themselves. There is no magic bullet for anti-aging, so nutrition and adequate sleep are critical for a holistic approach. We take this approach to ensure that anti-aging takes place from the inside out and not just on a superficial level.

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