Oral Classic Cell Therapy: Introducing UltraCell by BioPharma International

Ever since my husband Dr. Tom Smith and I started ICBR, our goal has been simple: to make classic cell therapy more readily available. This innovative, effective treatment is far too valuable to be limited to only the wealthy, which is why I haven’t increased fees in over a decade. Still, operating outside the U.S. at our clinics in Mexico and the Bahamas has proven a challenge—for regular people like our clients who want and need anti-aging treatments, traveling isn’t always an option.

For many years now, people have been asking me about various oral cell formulations. Though such products are no substitute for injectable classic cell therapy, they do offer those who cannot afford to travel a convenient booster option between treatments. For those with limited mobility, this type of treatment can stand in for traditional treatments.

The benefits of having such a product on hand seemed evident, so I started to research. At first, the products I found were nothing more than glandular supplements, stuff you could get at most health food stores.

Then—Eureka!—I found it. It’s my pleasure to announce that ICBR now offers UltraCell from BioPharma International!

BioPharma International produces UltraCell—an ovine or sheep-derived oral cell supplement—in France. Though it is available by prescription only, I was able to submit our MD’s diploma and license to the company, and voila! It’s now available through ICBR.

Here’s how it works. When you order, you get a 30-day supply—that’s 30 vials containing six capsules each. I do have to warn you, though, that because the technology the company uses and the research that went into creating UltraCell, it is fairly expensive. But even at $830, I can tell you that the benefits outweigh the cost. I should know; I took a 30-day course treatment myself. All I can say is that I am more than impressed with the result. This is the real deal, folks!

If you’re interested in placing an order, just email me at icbr@biopharmainternational.com or call me directly at (305) 670-0212. ICBR clients will receive free 3-day shipping or a $25 credit for international shipments worldwide.

Regeneraid: Available Soon on Amazon!

Speaking of supplements, I’m also pleased to announce that ICBR’s multivitamin/mineral supplement Regeneraid will soon be available on Amazon. If I were being practical, I would have stopped offering it a long time ago—it costs four to five times other supplements to produce, making it impossible to sell through retail outlets because markup would make it too expensive. But continuing to offer it is about much more than money to me. It was a labor of love for my husband, and so now it’s a labor of love for me.

We do cell therapy and so much more!

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