New Year – Fresh Start

It seems appropriate to write my first blog on New Year’s Day.   The whole concept of Cell Therapy is to renew and refresh.  I’ll start these entries with a brief overview of Cell Therapy.   I’d just like to take a moment  to clarify a few misconceptions and explain how Cell Therapy fits into your wellness program.  Simply stated, the goal of Cell Therapy is to reverse the aging process. That sounds like a very lofty goal, but the changes we experience as we age are the result of mistransmission of our genectic code, the blueprint for new cells, during cell division. Due to  environmental (life style choices, ultraviolet radiation, exposure to EMF) and random errors,  our cells degrade slightly with each duplication.  Over time, this results in a decline of function, whether it’s a thyroid cell responsible for slightly less than perfect thyroxin or a skin cell that begins to fold in upon itself, creating a wrinkle. This is normal aging.  These changes can be minimized when genetically perfect embryonic cell sequences are available.  Every time you receive Cell Therapy, the cells in active mitosis (division) have an opportunity to correct these errors. As that cell divides again and again, the impact is multiplied.  Aging in reverse!  Also, it is the nature of embryonic cells to duplicate more rapidly than adult cells. Research shows that in treated glands and organs, the cell division rate is approximately 150% adult average.  Cell Therapy is not a treatment for specific disease, as is stem cell treatment, but rather, it is foundational to slowing the aging process. Certainly, we can concentrate on a specific area of concern, like digestive or heart/artery cells, when there is a need for healing, but it is the overall jumpstart to the endocrine and immune systems and the connective tissue that works the magic.  I have a dear friend and colleaugue who points out the “anti-aging” is a misnomer,  in that we can’t stop the passage of time.  He prefers the more accurate term, “age management.”  I have to concede that point, but out of habit and philosophy, “anti-aging” seems appropriate. Besides, I want to make it perfectly clear, I’m against it! It may be inevitable, but we can certainly take steps to slow it down considerably, and Cell Therapy is your first line of defense.  It makes everything else you do to stay  healthy, vital and active much more effective…like it was when you were younger.  It doesn’t make  exercise, nutritional supplements and healthful diet unnecessary; it makes them work better!  In future blogs, I’ll discuss the role of Cell Therapy with regard to specific health concerns.  If you have suggestions or comments, they are always welcome.  This is a perfect time for a fresh start on the path to renewed youth and vitality!

Happy New Year! May 2014 bring you Health, Happiness and Many Blessings!

Judi Smith, ICBR