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Increase Your Vitality and Feel Younger

There are many ways to feel younger, and not all of them require drastic change. In fact, the best way to change yourself is through small, incremental adjustments. Altering your lifestyle in such a way will not produce immediate physical results, but you will start to feel better. When you feel good, you look good. When you look good, you feel good. See how that works?

Let’s talk about vitality for a moment. Vitality, derived from the Latin Vitalitas, is the active force – both mental and physical – that people need to live healthy, fulfilling lives. It is the power that each of us possesses, though sometimes, over the years, we begin to lose this power. Many of us spend so much time concentrating on what needs to get done – at work and at home – that we often forget to take care of ourselves. As we age, the energy that we took for granted when we were younger slowly dissipates, leaving us ragged and tired, trying to hang on but with little motivation. Sometimes we just need to rejuvenate our vitality. But how?

It is important to realize that we are not just talking about physical energy here, but mental and emotional energy as well. In fact, the two are not disconnected from one another but work together (or against each other) to produce how we feel, how motivated we are, and even how we see ourselves. It is only logical, then, that if we improve one aspect of our vitality, the others will follow. If we take steps to positively shape and bolster our mental/emotional energy, we will feel younger and look better; making physical changes – through diet, through exercise, through professional treatment– will in turn improve our emotional health. So, where do we begin?

We start by choosing. Vitality is, above all, a choice. What we choose to put into our bodies, how we choose to view ourselves and the world – these choices affect our emotional health. Sometimes we make poor choices concerning our physical health, like smoking or eating poorly, and these poor choices have a negative effect on our bodies, which affects our emotional health, and on into infinity. Having a positive opinion of oneself is just as important as maintaining a healthy diet, because our mental, emotional, and physical health are all connected. Vitality is not just something that happens to us. We create it through will and effort. We create it through choice.

No matter where you are in life, you can choose to feel younger and boost your vitality. No matter who you are, increasing your vitality will have a positive influence on your life. Regaining your vitality can lead to better job performance, more satisfying intimacy, and better emotional connections with family and friends. Who wouldn’t want that? When you take steps to regain the vitality that you had when you were younger, you are choosing to live a better, healthier life.

I want to finish this post with a challenge: I challenge you to reclaim your vitality. No matter how small, take that first step to attaining a better life. If you have already taken that first step, take another. Join a gym. Start taking a multivitamin. Explore treatment options to improve how you look and how you feel about yourself. When you start to make these decisions, the vitality that you gain will begin to snowball, leading to more good decisions, more energy, and better self-worth. Feeling younger is possible when you make a choice for vitality.

If you want to live longer, feel younger, and live better and find that vitality you once had, call me today to schedule an appointment for your next customized anti-aging treatment.