An Immune Booster Injection That Lasts? Why Cell Therapy Is Essential Right Now

An Immune Booster Injection That Lasts? Why Cell Therapy Is Essential Right Now

Looking for an immune booster injection to keep you healthy for weeks or months? Cell Therapy from ICBR could be the answer you need.

In football, the quarterback looks for a way to keep the team moving forward, whether he decides to pass the ball or run. To prevent the other team from getting the ball, the quarterback has blockers. These teammates protect the quarterback. Like these blockers, your body’s immune system protects you from being infected by viruses and bacteria so that you can keep moving forward with your day.

Right now, it is critical that we all keep our immune systems working at maximum capacity. The COVID-19 pandemic is still spreading despite slowing down in recent weeks, and as businesses start to open again, we could see a spike in cases.

Here’s why your immune system might need help and how an immune booster injection from ICBR can increase your protection.

Reasons Your Immune System Might Need Help

The immune system can become weakened for many reasons. Some of the most common things that can lead to a poor immune response include the following:

  • Poor sleep hygiene – If you don’t get enough sleep at night or if your sleep is interrupted often, your immunity can suffer. Your body produces certain proteins—cytokines—to help your immune system, but it only releases these proteins during sleep.
  • Stress – When you are stressed, your body is more likely to be infected with pathogens. It only takes 30 minutes for stress to affect your immune response, and chronic stress can have an even more disastrous effect.
  • Lack of Vitamin D – The summer sun is back, and that means it’s time to go soak up some rays—and along with those rays some vitamin D. Not only does this essential nutrient help keep your bones healthy, it also helps the immune system. All you need is two to three 15-minute sunbathing sessions a week to see the benefits.

While you should take steps to correct the above causes of poor immune response, you can also get a little help from cell therapy.

Cell Therapy Immune Booster Injection Helps

If your immune system is the string of blockers protecting your body, the quarterback, then cell therapy is like that motivational speech that the coach gives at half-time.

Cell therapy from ICBR benefits the immune and endocrine systems as well as the connective tissues of the body. Some patients report feeling healthier after just one cell therapy session. A single immune booster injection can help, but for longer lasting immune support, it is recommended that you undergo regular sessions.

Learn More about Cell Therapy from ICBR

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