Exosomes to Be Available at ICBR

Exciting update!

I have been attending seminars, visiting pharmaceutical labs and talking with many experts in the field of
exosomes. We will be offering this amazing therapy at ICBR clinics by the first of the year, if not before.

Exosomes are extremely small, nano-sized vesicles, which are released by cells as a means of communicating instructions. Basically, there are three types of cell-to-cell communications…nerve conduction, biochemical (hormones, etc) and exosomes. Until as recently as 2010, these tiny particles were assumed to be cellular waste debris being jettisoned out of the cell. The exciting research began in 2012 when it was determined that this is the primary means of cell repair and rejuvenation. Exosomes are extremely anti-inflammatory, promote regeneration, encourage cell growth and replication and influence phenotype, among scores of other benefits. They are also capable of crossing the blood/brain barrier.

There are many interesting and informative YouTube lectures on exosomes, and I encourage you to take the time to listen. You’ll be fascinated!

Obviously, there is much more to say about exosomes, and I will follow up with a real postal newsletter in the near future. I save those for the most important news and this definitely qualifies.

As you know, our mission statement 38 years ago, when my husband Dr. Tom Smith and I started ICBR,
was to provide Cell Therapy at the lowest possible cost to the patient. By putting all resources into the
product and eliminating every unnecessary expense, we could provide these wonderful therapies to
people who would, otherwise, not be able to afford the treatment, much less the travel to Europe.

Exosomes are expensive, but I’m doing all the research necessary and promise to provide the very best
quality and quantity, at the lowest cost possible. Be assured, we will continue Cell Therapy, as always,
and exosomes will be an optional treatment.

More to come, but I am so excited I couldn’t keep the news bottled up any longer!

Very fondest regards,