Anti Aging: Getting Comfortable with Your Age

Anti Aging Isn’t Just About Reclaiming Your Youth: Get Comfortable with Your Age

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of an aging person?

  • Wise?
  • Experienced?
  • Well-traveled?

None of these?

Of course not. Because we, as a society, have other opinions about aging. We think about deterioration. We think about declines in health and loss of ability to do anything on our own.

It doesn’t have to be this way. And shouldn’t be. If we take all the energy we put into thinking of aging in a negative light, and just flip the switch to look at it optimistically, a lot can change in our views on life and on aging.

Pay No Attention to the Negative

“Age is just a number.” Some people believe it, and some don’t. But many people living into their eighties and nineties swear by it—swear by anti aging.

In a recent study,  the people that were out and active were the ones who showed very few signs of aging. These people had a purpose. One participant in this study, Joe Barger, 91, of Austin, said, “Age shouldn’t be a reason to slow down.”

And it’s true. The people that don’t want to age simply don’t allow themselves to. They stay active.

This doesn’t necessarily mean waking up and running every morning. Or going to the gym. It means finding something that you love to do and waking up each morning with the mindset that you’re going to pursue it.

While retirement may be a break from the laboring work you’ve done your entire working career, don’t allow it to turn you into a couch potato. Take a week—take two, or three—to enjoy peace and relaxation. But then find a hobby. Or a passion. And let that passion drive you every day.

Don’t allow yourself to be a stereotype.

Embrace the positive

We all have that friend or neighbor that loves their classic car. You can hold a conversation with them out by the mailbox and it almost always turns into a conversation about their car. How they’ve had it forever and maintain it and it still runs like new. “These new cars,” they say. “They don’t make ‘em like they used to.”

Whether or not the cars of today are made as durable as cars of the past really isn’t what matters. What matters is this person’s view on them. They see the older as being strong and unwilling to crumble.

You see this neighbor out in his garage changing the oil every month or so. He runs the car at least once a week to keep the fluid and parts from withering. And he keeps a cover on it whenever he’s not driving it to avoid any weather damage.

If we treat our bodies the way your neighbor treats his car, we can defy the stereotype of aging. We’ll be healthier, happier, and more energetic. And the importance of staying healthy as you age is making sure you stay active.

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