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5 Best Anti-Aging Treatments That Won’t Drain Your Bank Account

When I started the International Clinic of Biological Regeneration in 1981 with my husband, our goal was to provide as many people with the best anti-aging treatments available at an affordable cost. We think that we have succeeded in the years since our inception, but we also understand that it’s still not possible for many people to afford to come to a clinic every single year. With that in mind, I wanted to use this blog post to talk about some different ways that people can look and feel younger without spending a ton of money.

Here are five anti-aging treatments practically anyone can afford.


Microdermabrasion is like an exfoliating mask done by professionals, except the results last longer. This treatment scrapes dead skin cells off your face, revealing the healthy ones below. Women and men over 50 years of age can really benefit from this treatment if they want to smooth fine lines and refine their facial skin texture. The effects of microdermabrasion usually last two to three weeks.

Microdermabrasion is also a great way to prepare for our next anti-aging treatment.

Facial Peels

Facial peels are generally a bit more intensive than regular exfoliation, but many of the best anti-aging treatments come with a cost. And you won’t regret it when you see the results. After a facial peel, you can expect to see a reduction in the appearance of age spots, poor complexion, rough skin, fine lines, and melasma, among other conditions.


Stress is a significant contributor to accelerated aging, so why not get some relaxation in while you are trying to look younger? You can go for a more traditional body massage, or you can try a facial massage from the comfort of your home using a facial massage device. The latter option promotes protein production in the skin, which helps fill in lines and wrinkles. You might even see minimal benefits by using your bare hands to massage your face.

Eating Better

The best anti-aging treatments won’t do much if you don’t pay attention to your diet. The foods that you eat play a starring role in how you age, so ditch that junk food and reach for some healthy fruits and vegetables. For instance, you might want to try adding more avocados, ginger, and cucumber to your meals for the health benefits.

Wrinkle Prevention

Prevention is always more effective than treatment. Many people don’t even realize that they are engaging in activities that speed up the aging process. For instance, if you spend any time in the sun, even 15 minutes, you need to wear sunscreen or protective clothing. And avoiding things like alcohol and smoking as much as possible can help to slow the aging process.

The Very Best Anti-Aging Treatments Might Cost a Bit More, But They’re Worth It!

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