3 Excellent Reasons to Energize Your Tired Immune System

Do you feel like the older you get, the more often you get sick? Don’t worry. You’re not crazy. You probably are getting sick more frequently. What that means is that if you want to feel better, you need to boost your immune system.

But first, why do we get sick more often as we age?

Let me offer a simplified answer. The body depends on the cells and tissues that make up our bodies—specifically the bone marrow, which produces the white blood cells that fight off infection—to keep us healthy. As we age, our bone marrow produces fewer white blood cells, and our cells, in general, are not as healthy and thus don’t replenish at their normal rate.

See? Simple. So, are people doing enough to protect themselves as they age?

Even though it’s not that difficult to nurture a healthier immune system, lots of older adults, unfortunately, just aren’t doing it. One of the reasons we see this is because as people age they feel like they’ve become set in their ways. They think people can’t change. It’s too late, so why bother?

But the truth is, people can make lasting changes that help them feel and look younger and live longer, healthier lives—if that isn’t enough motivation, then pay attention to these three reasons to energize yourself and boost your immune system.

So You Can Do More

One of the best things about life is doing things! I don’t know about you, but I love to travel. I like to live an active life. It turns out, you can’t do those things if you’re sick all the time. So, if you want to cram as much fun and excitement into this life, you should start taking care of your immune system.

So You Can Enjoy Family Time

Another reason to celebrate life is the time we get to spend with family. The holidays are here, so why not boost your immune system now so you can share in the memories? If you’re sick, you’ll miss out on this joyous time of year!

Boost Your Immune System because It’s EASY!

Did I say it’s easy? Well, that depends on whether you think eating healthy, exercising, and creating a plan to protect your immune system is easy. I know that when I decided to start living healthy, it certainly seemed like the easiest decision that I had ever made.

Not sure you’re quite up to the task of changing your lifestyle? ICBR can help get you ready. We offer cell therapy treatments for several conditions, including immunity. Check out our upcoming clinic dates, and get in touch with us if you have any questions about how to boost your immune system.